“Let us lift your business” With our latest Moffett forklifts.

The all new Stage 5 compliant Moffett Mounty forklift has arrived, this Eco machine features a new engine and DPF which catches the particular matter or soot in the exhaust, resulting in less pollution being emitted. These new additions to DLR’s Moffett fleet along with new curtain sider trailers will provide our customers with greater UK Coverage than ever before.

You can read all about our Moffett fleet below along with exploring our web page for all the services DLR provide.

DLR Transport operate a large fleet of Moffett vehicle mounted forklifts providing transport all over the UK utilizing a variety of trailer types. We operate both standard “Two Way”” and multi-directional “Four Way” machines that are able to move side to side as well as forward and back. Our Four Way machines can manoeuvre long loads such as beams through narrow entrance ways, or up drive ways where other industrial machinery would not fit. To further complement our Moffett fleet DLR have developed specialized attachments that enable our Moffett forklifts to efficiently swap between the use of standard forklift tines and attachments for a variety of uses; from extension tines to barrier grabs DLR has an attachment for the job.

Our variably pressure grab has been design to allow the operator the use of tines, clamps and lifting tubes.  The clamp and lifting tubes have been created to lift concrete pipes and rings, of varying sizes without the need for chains, allowing for a more efficient on/off load procedure.