Specialised Fleet

Here at DLR Transport we have a large specialised fleet, with various types of vehicles available for the delivery of construction materials. We are FORS Silver accredited and hold the industry standard for a flat trailer type which is 13.6m (45′) – this is capable of delivering 29 tonnes. However we understand that sometimes your delivery restrictions may not suit the standard vehicle type if for example, site is too small, it’s an urban site, there is limited space or restricted access. No problem for DLR Transport we have the vehicle for the job. Our 36ft trailers require far less room to manoeuvre, enabling your products to be delivered on-site and near the crane standing, so that off-load can take place.

We also have 36-32ft trailers fitted with Tridec’s rear steer system and capable of a 29 tonne payload, for extremely tight sites and additionally we also have a number of 8 wheel rigid flat vehicles. As DLR maintain a fleet of over 100 trailers we are able to provide our customers with standing trailers based at their own premises, enabling loading to be completed to suit individual requirements. For our customers this means the potential to have a reduction in workforce requirements, downtime and cost. Our Moffett, vehicle truck mounted forklifts are perfect for self- offload or loading, and as you would expect from a modern fleet, our vehicles are equipped with ever greener vehicle technology.

DLR Articulated moffett flatbed 36ft

DLR 18

DLR Articulated rear steering moffett flatbed 42ft & 44ft

DLR 17

DLR Rigid rear steering moffett flatbed 8m bed length

DLR 15

DLR Articulated flatbed 36ft

DLR 11

DLR Articulated rear steering flatbed 36ft

DLR 12