Moffett Forklift

DLR Transport operate a large fleet of Moffett vehicle mounted forklifts that we can transport all over the UK. We can collect or deliver your product on articulated curtain-side trailers, articulated flat trailers at 12.75m (42′) with rear steer, articulated short flat trailers at 10.9m (36′) and 8 wheel rigid flats.

With lifting capacities of up to 2.7 tonnes, Moffetts can provide the perfect solution to any logistical challenge allowing us to load or off-load your product. 

Moffetts are lighter and more agile compared to conventional industrial forklifts and can be dismounted from our vehicles in less than a minute. All-wheel drive gives excellent traction and stability ensuring its capability to work in the worst off-road conditions, such as building sites with rough and muddy terrain – this enables delivered goods to be positioned exactly where our customers require them.

The DLR Moffett fleet also includes some multi-directional machines these have the additional benefit of being able to drive side ways, perfect for moving long loads such as pipes or concrete beams through tight spaces and confined areas such as gateways, narrow passageways or country lanes. Because the Moffett only requires one operator, deliveries can be made anywhere, day or night, without the need for additional personnel for assisting off-loading.